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  • ♦July 26: CA meet in Destin
  • ♦July 27: Team Party 
  • ♦July 28: No Practice
  • ♦Aug. 2: Team Picture
  • ♦Aug 4 - Aug 19: Team Break/No Practice


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Team Highlights

  • ♦July 18-20: Southeastern Sectionals at the University of Tennessee. Connor represented Seals Swim Club in 5 events (400 IM, 200 Fly, 50 Free, 100 Free & 100 Fly). He earned Speedo Championship Series Zone cuts in the 100 Free and 100 Fly. He's one second from a national cut in the 100 fly. In addition to this, he dropped time in every event posting AAA times in the 400 IM and 200 Fly. What an exciting opportunity and a great way to represent the team. 
  • ♦July 12-13: Our senior group shined at the last chance meet at Frank Brown Park! We posted 12 team records and even more personal best times. Congratulations to Sarah-K for competing in her first long course meet! Congratulations to Jose for a dropping more than a minute in the 1500 free, to Jackson for dropping time in every event (including a 46 second drop in the 100 back), to Mia for a 30 second drop in the 800 free, to K2 for a herculean effort to qualify in the 100 exciting! This dedicated group had an amazing season!
  • ♦June 21: We competed in Dothan and had a great time watching team records fall. Congratulations to Curt, Ashlyn, Blanton & Sarah Kiely for competing in their first swim meet. Congratulations to Kieran, Connor, Joseph, Mason, Mia, Abby, Donald, Laurel, Ashlyn, Curt, Ethan & Katie for earning team records. It was great to see our relay team compete...the senior boys put on a great show with a close second place finish. Way to go, Seals!
  • ♦May 30 - June 1: We had a great time competing on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Congratulations to Connor for earning SES cuts in the 100 fly, the 400 IM, and the 200 fly. Congratulations to Jose, Michael, Keenan, and Kieran for some fantastic drops in time. Houston and Kody swam in their first long course meet...way to go boys! 
  • ♦May 17-18: Our senior group swam the open water bridge to bridge swim in the 1 mile and 3 mile races. Michael, K1, K2, Mia and Jose swam the 3 mile race on Sunday morning. Hayden, Mia, Michael, K1 and K2 swam in the 1 mile swim on Saturday night. This was a personal challenge and an athletic challenge for these hard working swimmers. Way to make us proud!
  • ♦May 17:  In Destin, Seven of our swimmers placed in the overall category for the pentathalon. Personal best times were earned for Abby, Hailey, Katie, Duke, Riley, Connor, Lily, Mason, Ethan, Caroline & Laurel. Congratulations to Joey and Ethan C for competing in their first meet. What fun we had!
  • ♦We are proud and honored to be recognized as a USA Swimming club level one. This is a voluntary program for swim clubs. It is designed to recognize excellence in club development, organization, athlete development and parent education. This is a significant accomplishment for our team. Click here to learn more: USA SWIMMING LEVELS FOR CLUB RECOGNITION and click here: USA SWIMMING CLUB RECOGNITION

Volunteers Needed

We need parent volunteers for the following:

  • ♦We are looking for 1-4 adults interested in becoming a meet official
  • ♦Organize team socials for the winter session
  • ♦Join a welcome committee to help new families as they learn about swimming and the team

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